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Common-Fish Fact

A sea star is a bloodless and brainless marine creature.

Sea stars have a water vascular system, in which sea water is pumped through a sieve plate and into their tube feet.

A comic book style entry about shark finning in Tanjung Luar - a fishing village in East Lombok, Indonesia.

For the last few years the world’s spotlight has illuminated the environment and the negative impacts we have upon it. For me the ocean sparkles, the suns rays create diamonds glinting upon the surface. The blue azure waters entice me beneath to explore this other world. A world that is under threat.


Marine Issues

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Find out what small changes you could implement in your daily routine to improve the state of the oceans.

Discover other companies who are using research, education and awareness to make a difference in the marine conservation community and how you can support them.

Education and Awareness about conservation issues in the marine environment




Learn about the issues affecting the health of our oceans, the conservation status and environmental or human-influenced activities threatening the existence of the ocean's most important and loved species.



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